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General conditions

The present general conditions determine the conditions of use of the "Club pharmaweb" website that you automatically accept when you consult the website. If you do not accept them, we ask you to leave this website. The present conditions can be modified at any time and without warning. This website is exclusively dedicated to pharmacists who must register online. The registration with the pharmacist’s national register is checked before validation of registration. Students and other health professionals must send us a copy of their student card or professional card before validation.

Purpose of the website

The website was created to provide pharmacists with training and information in dermatology. The "Club pharmaweb" website is not a contractual agreement. The aim of this website is to guide the pharmacist and pharmacy staff to provide dermatological advice in order to:

  • know about dermatological disorders, to advise and gain client confidence,
  • know how to associate symptoms with a disorder,
  • know how to warn and orientate a client,
  • know how to comment on a doctor’s prescription,
  • know how to complete a medical prescription with dermocosmetic advice.

Editorial policy

Descriptive notes and expert notes are edited by Doctor Daniel Wallach MCU-PH, hospital dermatologist, Cochin-Tarnier hospital, Paris (France). The answers to the monthly heading "Question on a theme" are edited by Dr Nicolas Meyer, dermatologist, hospital physician, Larrey hospital, Toulouse.

Contributors are paid by Pierre-Fabre dermo-cosmetics for their publications on the website. However, some of the content is generously provided by the editors.

The content of the website is validated by a scientific committee that meets twice a year to validate the new updates and to define the development axes of the website.

The scientific committee is not remunerated by Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics.

The scientific committee includes the following members:

  • Prof. Jean-Claude BEANI, University professor, hospital dermatologist, Grenoble (France).
  • Prof. Christophe BEDANEI, University professor, hospital dermatologist, Limoges (France).
  • Prof. Jacques BUXERAUD, University professor, Pharmacy faculty, Limoges (France).
  • Mr. Bernard CHARLES, hospital pharmacist, President of the administrative committee of the CEFH (centre for hospital training and studies), honorary deputy (France).
  • Mr. Olivier GUILLARD, pharmacist, Binic (France).
  • Mr. Michel LASPOUGEAS, pharmacist, Mauvezin (France).
  • Nicolas MEYER, MD, Larrey Hospital, Toulouse (France).
  • Daniel WALLACH, MD, Cochin-Tarnier Hospital, Paris (France).


The http://www.clubpharmaweb.com website is entirely financed by the Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmetics company.

PIERRE FABRE DERMO-COSMETIQUE - Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance - Capital : 22.987.907,85 € - siège social : 45, Place Abel Gance - 92100 BOULOGNE - RCS NANTERRE 319.137.576.

Pierre Fabre Dermo-Cosmétique proposes products ranging from dermatological prescriptions to beauty products. Its research is mainly orientated towards skin ageing, pigmentation, inflammation and the skin’s barrier function.

The « Club pharmaweb » website does not publish adverts, and does not receive any funding from advertisements.


Le "Club pharmaweb" will check that the content of the website is in agreement with the current legal requirements. It will not broadcast data that will violate a third party, that is violent, pornographic or libellous and will not broadcast illicit contents, namely racist, xenophobic, pedophilic comments or comments that go against human dignity. The "Club pharmaweb" does not guarantee the complete coverage of the information provided by the website. The " Club pharmaweb " can not be considered as providing online consultations. Information provided by the website is to support and not to replace the relationship that exists between a patient and doctor. Our website is entirely financed by PIERRE FABRE DERMO-COSMETIQUE, its editing is free of all influence. The website does not accept any publicity.


The "Club pharmaweb" can not be held responsible for:
  • damage resulting directly or indirectly from the consultation of this website or the use of information available on the latter.
  • direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this website and of any exploitation, financial or commercial loss or loss of program or data in any system.
  • loss of information even if the "Pierre Fabre laboratories" have been informed of the possibility of such damage.
The "Club pharmaweb" will not take any responsibility for the links that exist with other websites, that are given as an indication. Links with other websites are your own responsibility. The Club pharmaweb declines any responsibilty for any content that was not put online by the Club (for example in the "questions on a theme").

Rights of intellectual property

All pictures, and documents available on the website are the exclusive property of the "Club pharmaweb", of PIERRE FABRE DERMO-COSMETIQUE and/or subsidiaries or affiliations and have been specifically licensed. You can download, consult or print information available on the website for an exclusively private usage, in a non-commercial aim, without changing any mention relative to the rights of intellectual property and making sure that each copy holds the following mention : "This document comes from the "Club pharmaweb" website (http://www.clubpharmaweb.com). All reproduction rights are reserved". Any usage other than those mentioned above is forbidden except in cases of written authorized consent by the "Club pharmaweb".

Protection of nominative data

No personal data will be collected without your authorization. The "Club pharmaweb"collects anonymous information, like the searches you perform. This data will only be used for statistical reasons. However, following your registration you were asked to provide nominative data. the latter will not be passed on to a third party without your authorization. In agreement with the freedom and informations act of the 6th of January 1978, you also have the right to access, modify and remove personal data by contacting the editor of the site. Internet is an open network, the Pierre Fabre Laboratories can not guarantee that this data will not be misused by a third party.


In order to establish statistics (eg: number of visits), to improve your navigation (eg: optimization of our website for the navigator and colour-display) and for safety reasons (eg: determine the origin of a spam), the PFDC laboratories are authorized to collect data concerning the use of "cookies".

A "cookie" is a group of data sent to your navigator by a web server and is stored on the hard drive of your computer. One or several cookies can be placed anonymously on the hard drive of your computer (pages that you have consulted, date and time of your visit, etc..). These cookies do not contain any private information, and do not enable us to identify you, but to collect information when you are connected to our website. It enables our website to identify which parts of our activity you are interested in and we can therefore provide you with the most adapted information.

It is possible for you to detect such cookies. You can of course refuse their presence. You can prevent the storage of cookies by desactivating this function in your navigator modalities available on the CNIL website (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés).

How to parameterize your navigator to accept or refuse cookies

Your navigator can be parameterized to announce cookies and ask you each time whether you accept them or not, or to refuse them once and for all. How to control or prevent the storage of cookies:

  • In the menu toolbar, chose the tools menu
  • In the rolling menu, chose options
  • Click on the private life icon
  • To authorize cookies make sure that the « accept cookies » option of the cookies section is ticked
  • To not authorize them, make sure that the « access cookies » option in the cookies section is not ticked. To authorize cookies one by one, select the “accept cookies” option and chose “keep them until: ask me each time”. This will open a window “confirm cookie parameters”, for acceptance or refusal of cookie installation.

Applicable rights and competent tribunals

The present general conditions are submitted to French law. If an amenable solution can not be found then the Nanterre courts of law are the only competent institutions capable of dealing with the non respect of the latter.

Chart Web 2.0


In several sections, the club pharmaweb offers its members the possibility to ask questions, to post a comment or to ask for an expert opinion.

Every posted message is analyzed by the administrators of the website, who will judge its relevance and will forward it to the dermatology experts of the website in order to provide an answer of quality, within the shortest delay.

This moderation is performed by hospital professionals, experts in the fields for which they were solicited. The “Question on a theme” column is moderated by Pr Carle Paul's dermatology unit (Toulouse Hospital - France). This column is consulted several times a month.


The information diffused by the Club pharmaweb website is destine to guide the pharmacist in his dermatological advice and to encourage and not replace, the direct relationships that exist between patients and health professionals.


You must be aware that any message can be read, used and quoted. You have the possibility to erase or modify your messages. Be careful of the information you diffuse.

The http://www.clubpharmaweb.com/ website uses Google analytics to analyse the audience of the website and to improve its content. For more information on the rules of confidentiality relative to the use of google analytics, click here: http://www.google.com/intl/fr/analytics/privacyoverview.html


Our forum is dedicated to pharmacists and pharmacy staff. The purpose is to help the pharmacist with the dermatological advice given.

The moderators and members must always be respectful and honest.

Therefore, the users guarantee to not transmit content:

  • that could be considered as disguised advertizing;
  • that could be false or wrong, susceptible to constitute a violation of literary, artistic, industrial and brandname rights or any third party rights, such as rights of publicity and the rights to private life, that could be insulting, libellous, calomnious, racist, xenophobic, revisionist or negatively affecting the honor or reputation of a third party;
  • that could induce discrimination, hatred towards a person or group of persons due to their origin, membership or not to an ethnic group, nation, race or religion;
  • that could be a threat to a person or group of persons;
  • that could disturb the public order, leading to civil or penal lawsuits, or libel;
  • that is anti-constitutional, extremist or emanating from groups that are forbidden by law, encouraging crime, suicide or terrorist acts, or defending crimes, terrorist acts, war crimes or crimes against humanity;
  • that is pornographic, contrary to good manners or negatively affecting human dignity.

By using our website you agree to only diffuse information that is correct and true in agreement with your knowledge and personal experience. Moreover, we invite you to quote your sources (references, links, etc…) when this is possible and relevant.

It is not permitted to post publicity messages, in the form of text, banners or links.

Moderators have the right to remove messages that are considered inappropriate without warning the authors. In case of abuse, the moderators have the right to banish a member from a forum.

The user must respect the image and reputation of the website and must not make statements and/or actions that could jeopardize the website. If current laws are broken, and the conditions of use are not respected or for any other justified reason, the website has the right to shut down this electronic address for a limited or definite time period and to remove information, or links to such information.

In both cases, an explanation will be provided if the internaut asks for it.


An annual subvention is allocated to Professor Carle Paul's dermatology unit (Toulouse hospital - France ), that performs the moderation of questions posted on this website, with the rest of the dermatology team.